Captain’s Log: Day 6

on July 26, 2018

6 days out from bicep tenodesis surgery and I’m doing ok. I had my first physical therapy appointment yesterday. They were very gentle. I was very appreciative.

My pain level is steady at a 3-4 most of the day and moves to a 5-6 at night. I’m trying to be more active and get out of the house. It helps to have a change of scenery. But I really need to remind myself that the surgery wasn’t going to be a quick fix. I am making a decision to live with more pain in the short term to regain movement in my arm and get rid of long term pain.

Melvin and the kids have been great. They are mostly mindful of my arm and not to bump or touch it. What isn’t great though is wearing a sling during summer. It’s like a personal arm sauna. It’s so hot and suffocating. I can take it off when I’m home alone or at night. But I need it when the kids are home and when out.

The dog has been cute but her hovering is starting to get annoying. She will not leave my side or let me out of her sight. Oh Eevee!

26 Thoughts after 3 seasons of Gilmore Girls

on July 25, 2018

Somehow I’ve watched 69 71 episodes of Gilmore Girls in less than 3 weeks. So that’s saying something about my life (or lack there of).

Rewind to a few weeks ago. My good friend talked me into watching Gilmore Girls. I had zero expectations of liking the show so I didn’t give much thought about how many episodes there were.

Anyway due to my shoulder issues and intermittent insomnia, I am now at season 4. A few days ago I started jotting down thoughts i had while watching.

1) What’s up with the creepy clown pillow?

2) Dean is the worst

3) Yet, somehow Jess is more awful

4) Lorelai enables awful relationships

5) How do they sleep after drinking coffee at night?

6) It’s weird that everyone pays cash for everything always.

7) Paris is pretty much the best

8) Emily and the rotating maids are hilarious

9) Why is there a large Korean community in a town that is so tiny?

10) Why does Mrs Kim host all Korean events?

11) Does Lane have a dad?

12) How is the Independence Inn always so busy? It seems close enough to Hartford but not close enough to attract travelers.

13) Miss Patty and Babette are everything. If I lived in Stars Hollow, I’d want to drink wine with them often.

14) WTF? Dean is getting married at 18?!? For no real reason?! And why is no one questioning this decision.

15) Awww Lane and Seth Cohen.

16) Why am I not shocked that Jess is kind of rape-y?

17) Kirk- I want to know more about his personal life and meet his mom

18) Luke’s rage issues started off cute but now they are just weird. Maybe he needs therapy.

19) Where is Rory getting all this money for the town-wide birthday party she is throwing for her mom?

20) I cannot decide if I like Jackson. He’s a bit overbearing.

21) I really hate Sherry.

22) I waver between thinking Lorelai is a selfish bitch and thinking she is the best ever.

23) Sookie… she has grown on me. I was not a fan the first few episodes. Now, I would totally eat at her restaurant.

24) The Stars Hollow town meetings and Taylor are exactly what I picture when I think of small town life.

25) Does Stars Hollow have a bar? It seems they have everything else. Or maybe it’s a dry town? Wait… there was s keg party so alcohol was purchased somewhere…

26) Luke added on to his apartment yet kept it a studio. That just seems weird especially since it was done so Jess could have his own space.

Bicep Tenodesis Surgery

on July 23, 2018

I went in for my first follow up visit today. I had my bandages removed and staples taken out. That wasn’t a big deal and actually felt good. The bandages were starting to itch me and their stickiness was annoying.

My biggest incision

What I wasn’t prepared for though was the pain of actually moving my arm. The lovely doctor took my arm and did some gentle motions with it. Lifting to the side wasn’t too awful. It hurt but was a manageable level of pain. Then he moved my arm in front and up. I was almost in tears. Going up wasn’t so bad but going down was practically a 10/10 on the pain scale.

After the mini PT session I asked about my surgery. I had bicep tenodesis and bursa removal. Basically my bicep was not in the right position and wasn’t holding my shoulder in place as it should. So when I moved wrong, my shoulder would slip out of place. The surgery corrected that. They removed part of my bicep, drilled a hole in my shoulder, and basically attached the muscle back in so it keeps the shoulder joint in place.

After hearing all of this, it made more sense as to why my arm hurt so much more than I anticipated. My recovery includes lots more physical therapy. I also cannot lift anything at all for a while. The muscle and bone need to heal up properly first. While moving my arm up and down made me want to go home and cry, taking my sling off felt really good.

After surgery you get this amazing ice therapy machine. It’s my best friend. You fill it with ice and water and it circulates the freezing water over your joint/surgical site to help with pain and swelling. Also because it’s hotter than Satan’s armpit the freezing water just feels nice.

I love you ice machine

Constantly by my side

Go Home 38. You’re Drunk.

on July 21, 2018

38, as far as health goes, was not the best. I was sick with sinus infections often. I had sinus surgery to fix that. It was a great decision and I have felt so much better. I was even able to fly without getting sick!

Now, exactly a week from turning 39, I had shoulder surgery. I fell while holding Jasper months ago. Things haven’t been right since. My pain got worse. My shoulder was unstable. It would slip in and out of place with slight movements. It hurt so much. After various tests, my doctor decided surgery was the best way to go. It was going to happen in August but I moved it to July since my doctor had an unexpected opening.

I don’t recall much after getting my IV put in. I know that I had a nerve block to help with pain. It was lovely to not feel my arm at all. This morning though, the pain is coming through. Its not too bad at the moment so hopefully it stays that way. I go for my first check up on Monday. My plan is to blog more about my recovery since I wasn’t able to find many personal stories online.

While having this surgery definitely sucks, I can honestly say that I am so grateful for a job that encourages me in all I do, including getting healthy. I don’t have to worry about how much time I’m taking off. We have unlimited sick and vacation days! Oh and the insurance is top notch. Not having to stress about anything work related while recovering is nice. We are always hiring!

Melvin has been my rock during my down times. He nurses me and makes sure I have ice water, a fully charged phone, and am comfortable. And he takes care of the kids too! Hashtag blessed for all I have.

We’ve been joking that after surgery I’m now all right.

Here’s to hoping 39 is my best year yet!

Keeping It Real

on June 14, 2018

It’s summer. I am on a meetup for work. Melvin is in charge of the kids plus working a ton. Life is bonkers right now. But my family is thriving. 

I’ve tried to keep up with the house. Just as I finish sweeping and mopping floors though, suddenly, a million toys appear out of nowhere. It’s like the multiply when my back is turned! 

In the past, the state of my house would have deterred me from allowing anyone in my house. But life is short. While my house may not be perfect, its a happy house. It feels like a dumpster fire. But my view is always more critical than my kids or even friends. 

All of this is to say, don’t let the state of your house hold you back from enjoying life. My kids won’t keep. But my house will always be here for me to clean.