Christmastime is Here

I always have mixed feelings about Christmas. It’s been this way for a long time. Part of me loves the holiday because I love all things chocolate peppermint. And the decorations are pretty. But when it really comes down to it, I am not a huge fan of Christmas. There; I said it. My name is Megan and Christmas is not my favorite holiday.

Mainly my issue with Christmas is all the build up for one day. Then, you are left thinking, “Is that all there is?” All the decorations need to be taken down (such a chore!) and put away. You spend the next 3 weeks explaining to the kids that no, you will not be getting more presents; yes, you have to go back to school. To me, its all very strange. So much fuss for a single day.

But looking at the bright side, starting the day after Christmas (Boxing Day?) we begin the count down to Mardi Gras and then the countdown to Jazzfest! Those are two times of year I look forward to way more than Christmas.



December 22, 2016
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