Support Our Sisters. Period.

Getting your period is a real pain. It’s definitely not a time I look forward to every month. But, sometimes you have to count your blessings. At least when my period happens, I have access to feminine products, a clean bathroom, and fresh underwear. There are so many women who don’t have that luxury and it truly sucks. I cannot imagine the hardship of getting your period while homeless.

This is where you can help! The NOLA Suffragettes has started an annual drive called, “Support Our Sisters. Period.” In their words:

Women face all sorts of challenges in our society, but for homeless women in our community, issues that many of us would consider simple and basic can present major problems. These products will help local women to maintain their dignity, personal hygiene, and health. All products received through this effort will be donated after Mardi Gras to local shelters, including the New Orleans Mission, Covenant House New Orleans, the New Orleans Women’s Shelter, and the Salvation Army Women’s Shelter. Please join us in supporting our Sisters. Period.

Here is their Amazon Wish List.I know my lady friends can afford to donate a box of tampons to a woman in need. Let’s practice empathy and make the world a kinder place for women. Period.

January 11, 2017
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