Challenging Myself

There is a great new podcast, Missing Richard Simmons. It explores the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Richard. The author became a friend of Richard’s after attending class at his fitness studio, Slimmons (which has since closed). Anyway, after listening to a few episodes, inspiration hit. I’ve been looking for an exercise routine that works for me. Richard Simmons is so welcoming and motivational. The clear solution is to start Sweating to the Oldies.

I am challenging myself to do one of Richard Simmons work out videos every day for 30 days. Today was day 1. I did my first Sweating to the Oldies video and it was great!! It was the perfect combination of low impact aerobics, core strength work, and fun. The moves on the video are easy enough for me to do without killing myself. The best part about the videos is that they are so inclusive. Most workout videos only show what people look like “after.” Richard included real people of all shapes and sizes. I love seeing people that look like me in the videos. Sweating to the Oldies may be 30ish years old but Richard was way ahead of his time.

This may be naivete, but a small part of me hopes that Richard reads this. He helped so many people change their lives. I would love him to know that even though he hasn’t appeared in public in years, he is still motivating people.

March 6, 2017
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