38 is the new 88

Well, it’s official. I’m an old lady. I’m rejoicing that the noisy college kids are leaving for the summer!

I now have 3 different pairs of glasses. I need one for seeing, one for computing and the interwebz, and one for driving. But if I’m driving at night, I have to wear my new seeing ones and not my driving sunglasses. Also driving at night is hard. When Melvin saw me in my new glasses, his reaction was, “What the hell are you wearing? My grandma had those exact glasses.” Yeah I am winning at old lady life right now.

I hurt my back the other day and moving is difficult. When I stand up or get in and out of a car, I start out hunched over and then can move to a standing position after a few moments. Walking is slow for me right now. My back is crazy painful but a recent steroid shot along with large doses of Aleve have helped.

So overall, this is basically my new look. Picture it… New Orleans, 2017.

May 21, 2017
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