38, So Far

About 2 weeks ago, I turned 38. The day came and went without much fanfare, which is how I prefer it. (Side note: unless you are bringing me a Carvel Ice Cream Cake, don’t bother bringing me a cake at all.) Melvin and I managed to go out that Friday but given my new, advanced, age we were home by 9pm. Also, going out when you know you will inevitably be woken up by a child at 6am sort of takes the fun out of it all.

Anyway, 38 has been filled with lots of self reflection. I’ve started using Headspace to clear my mind. I really like it. It has really helped me to be able to take a step back and evaluate my emotions before reacting. Obviously this doesn’t work 100% of the time, as Jasper still has a knack for pushing me just over the edge of sanity. Regardless, it’s a great app and I recommend it.

Other random things going on:

August 7, 2017
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