Bicep Tenodesis Surgery

I went in for my first follow up visit today. I had my bandages removed and staples taken out. That wasn’t a big deal and actually felt good. The bandages were starting to itch me and their stickiness was annoying.

My biggest incision

What I wasn’t prepared for though was the pain of actually moving my arm. The lovely doctor took my arm and did some gentle motions with it. Lifting to the side wasn’t too awful. It hurt but was a manageable level of pain. Then he moved my arm in front and up. I was almost in tears. Going up wasn’t so bad but going down was practically a 10/10 on the pain scale.

After the mini PT session I asked about my surgery. I had bicep tenodesis and bursa removal. Basically my bicep was not in the right position and wasn’t holding my shoulder in place as it should. So when I moved wrong, my shoulder would slip out of place. The surgery corrected that. They removed part of my bicep, drilled a hole in my shoulder, and basically attached the muscle back in so it keeps the shoulder joint in place.

After hearing all of this, it made more sense as to why my arm hurt so much more than I anticipated. My recovery includes lots more physical therapy. I also cannot lift anything at all for a while. The muscle and bone need to heal up properly first. While moving my arm up and down made me want to go home and cry, taking my sling off felt really good.

After surgery you get this amazing ice therapy machine. It’s my best friend. You fill it with ice and water and it circulates the freezing water over your joint/surgical site to help with pain and swelling. Also because it’s hotter than Satan’s armpit the freezing water just feels nice.

I love you ice machine

Constantly by my side
July 23, 2018
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