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Since my surgery in July, life has been pretty low key, mostly. We went to Florida in August. I was still pretty early post-op but mostly fine. The recovery has been slower than expected but that is a post for another day.

September brought my company’s grand meetup. See if you can find me in the picture!

alt text

Aside from that, it’s been work, kid stuff, life in general. I started another blog to document the trash in my neighborhood. That is on hold for a while now because it will require a bunch of outreach and work on my part to make any long lasting difference.

Oh and as usual, I’ve been TV watching as well as trying to catch up on reading. Since TV watching is one of my favorite pastimes, here are the shows I’ve watched since August, in no particular order.

  • AHS Apocalypse- loved it because Coven and Murder House are the best seasons ever and this combined them both.
  • The Good Place- Bad Janet and Janet in general is the best. Also, I didn’t think I could love Kristen Bell any more than I already did. Oh and Ted Danson has been on my list for quite some time. I love a silver fox!
  • Sharp Objects- I could not get through this at all. It bored me too much and I gave up. But I read the book so there’s that.
  • Succession- This was a total sleeper hit and one that I really really enjoyed. It was like watching a slow train wreck and not being able to look away.
  • Westworld- good not great season. Melvin would beg to differ. My main issue is that the show requires so much callback energy that I feel like I need Cliff’s Notes (or is it CliffsNotes?) to watch an episode.
  • Kimmy Schmidt- sad it was the last season but it went out well.
  • Great British Baking Show as well as the holiday episode- I was so happy this was back. It’s easy to watch, mindless, and also makes me want to bake. It even gave me the courage to bake a pie with homemade dough at Thanksgiving!
  • Making It- I love Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. This to me felt like the American equivalent of GBBS.
  • I’m Sorry- This isn’t a show for everyone. Its pretty cringe-worthy and reminds me of another favorite, Difficult People. All around fabulous. Looking forward to seeing more of Andrea Savage’s work.
  • Maniac- I made it through 6 episodes and gave up because it got really weird. I wanted to know Owen and Annie’s fate but just had so much trouble going through the weird dream sequences.
  • The Americans- (note- I watched this show in real time and it ended in May) The Americans is in my top 10 of best shows of all time. The final season didn’t disappoint. If you haven’t watched this show yet, find the time to binge it.
  • Better Call Saul- Season 4 really showed us how Saul got to where he was in Breaking Bad. Well not quite all the way to that point, but at least we now know how Jimmy McGill turns into Saul Goodman. Plus we get to see how that epic underground meth lab is built!
  • Handmaids Tale- I found the latest season hard to watch, which I suspect is part of the point. I took a break for a while because watching June get beat down so often, was just too depressing. The season ends well but I would have liked to see June in a better spot.
  • Dancing Queen- If you like Drag Race and Dance Moms, then this is just the show for you. Total mindless entertainment. Grab some popcorn!
  • Castlerock- Another one I really liked. It was a little strange but it’s Stephen King universe so it’s expected. Looking forward to a season 2
  • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel- Even though I have some thoughts about ASP I do love Mrs. Maisel. Basically my biggest beef with ASP is the fat shaming. It’s been well documented on the interwebs with Gilmore Girls and continues in MMM. No need to rehash it here but it gives me some complex thoughts. Regardless, I am looking forward to season 3.

I think those are all the shows I’ve watched since about August until present. I may have missed some here and there. Melvin doesn’t watch 90% of those shows with me. When we don’t have a shared show, we end up watching episodes of Community again. That show never stops being the best show ever. I think my favorite episode is the one where Abed proves Who’s the Boss.

And if you have any show suggestions, please leave them in the comments. Some parameters to keep in mind though: I generally don’t watch shows n network television. I do make exceptions but generally will avoid most major network shows. 

Hopefully you weren’t looking for updates on my kids. They are all fine and doing normal kid stuff like coloring huge murals on my wall with permanent marker, getting the tip of their finger cut off and having to go to the ER to get it glued back together, winning swim races, having birthdays, and dancing ballet. Most of those pics/videos are on Instagram.

Just for funsies though, I did take a picture of the kids and the dog in matching pajamas. It went about as well as hearding cats. The picture is cute though!

at least they are all looking at the camera

Note: I’ve also been going to the gym and have gotten pretty into Spinning. Maybe I’ll write about that soon too.

Note 2: I wrote this post in Simpelnote using Markdown. Then I copied it and pasted it into Gutenberg which converted the text and blocks like magic! I suppose I can do a post about that too. 

December 10, 2018
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