Shoulder Surgery 2.0

This shoulder surgery has been planned for a few months now. After 6 months of physical therapy after my last surgery, I was still in a ton of pain and not progressing with my range of motion. So after a consult and MRI with a new surgeon, he diagnosed me with frozen shoulder. He thought there might be some other things going on in there as well, but would have to wait and see during surgery.

Morning of Surgery

I had to be at the hospital before 5:30am which was not ideal but also fine since the hospital is so close. The downside is that I had to Uber to the hospital since Melvin has to get the kids to school.

Apparently though, the hospital doesn’t look kindly on Ubering to surgery. And they question why you are alone. Anyway, after basic intake questions and explaining why I was alone to 45 different people, I was given a gown, have vitals taken, and then head to pre-op.


This part was actually enjoyable. The anesthesiologist greeted me and managed to give me the most painless IV. Then it was time for fluids, a scopolamine patch, and Versed. Honestly, Versed is just so magical. It calmed me down and I was ready to go. A few minutes later, I was wheeled off, put on a warmed operating table, and had a mask put on. After that, I remember nothing. Yay!


I began to wake up some time later. Maybe 2 hours? But I was so groggy and had such a dry mouth due to the patch. My surgical area was all dressed and the nurses were managing my pain because, damn, I was in so much pain.

My surgeon came by and told me about the procedure but I was so drugged I had no idea what he was saying. I do remember him though, taking my arm and raising it up high. This was so painful but part of my healing. I stayed in post op about 45 minutes and then went to a private room to fully wake up and meet Melvin.

Heading Home

The hospital has a service where they will deliver your take home prescriptions to your room. This was amazing but I honestly was not up for a stop on the way home. When we got home, I was eager to rest in my recliner and watch mindless tv before the kids we’re home.

The rest of my day was spent resting, walking dogs, taking kids outside, and general mom stuff. Kids just don’t acknowledge time off. Worst bosses ever.

Doctor Call

About 4pm, my surgeon called to check on me. I told him I was in pain but surviving. I asked him about what he ended up doing because at this point, I still wasn’t sure. He told me they:

  • removed scar tissue
  • removed adhesions
  • did a clavicle resection
  • I misunderstood the doctor- he removed bone spurs from my joint but didn’t do a full resection

The first two points I was expecting. But the third was a surprise. Apparently this is done when the rotator cuff ligament is rubbing against the clavicle causing pain. I quite surprised I didn’t also have a rotator cuff repair. Maybe they are saving it for surgery 3? 🙄 God I hope not!

April 14, 2019
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