Winter Storm Meghan

So I’ve been watching a bunch of Lifetime Christmas movies. ‘Tis the season and all. Now, full disclosure, I don’t really like these movies. But I am intrigued by people who love Christmas as much as they do in these movies. This year I’ve watched more than usual for normal reasons.

Anyway, the point is, I’ve watched a lot of Lifetime movies this season and have noticed that at least 5 of them reference Winter Storm Meghan. Or is it Megan. Who knows? Anyway, what is up with that? Is this an running inside joke at Lifetime? Are all these movies occuring in the same Lifetime Universe? Am I missing some huge Christmas mecca by living in New Orleans? So many questions….

Other things I’ve been obsessing over lately:

  • Brooklyn Nine Nine. It’s my new fav thing. If I was Oprah, it would be number one on my favorite things list
  • The Morning Show. It’s not the best thing ever but I really enjoy watching Jenn and Reese and everyone else. The acting is great. The storyline is eh.
  • The Politician. I started loving this show, then was unsure, then by the last episode I was craving season 2.
  • GBBO. Nuff said.
  • His Dark Materials. Love the book. The show is really well done so far and I love the actor choices.
  • Mr. Robot final season. Sad it’s ending but glad that it’s ending on a high note. This show never ceases to disappoint me.
  • 90 Day Fiance. I have so many questions about the people on this show. So so many. Like watching a train crash in slow motion.
  • Not tv related but also obsessing over: Clinique Moisture Surge (the whole line), La Labo Bergamote 22 (except why is it SO pricey), pretzels but only the dark kind with the good salt, tacos from Barracuda, Ride and Mega at Romney (go to Winnie or Jon; you won’t regret it!)

Also as an aside because its fresh on my mind- Lifetime, you really need to better research your movies. In A Very Vintage Christmas, you have a librarian allowing strangers to go through patron records. This would never, ever happen in real life. It’s against everything librarians work and fight for, which is privacy for their patrons. Y’all can do better.

December 2, 2019
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