Books and TV the Week of September 14

I skipped a week, mainly because I didn’t do much reading or add any new shows. I am still in a reading pause but did buy 2 new-to-me books.

Also I will keep saying this until everyone I know is watching it: Ted Lasso is such a great show. I haven’t watched a show that just makes me happy and feel good every single time I watch it. Ted Lasso manages to make me smile each week. I need more shows like this in my life.



  • Lovecraft Country (HBO- all caught up and looking forward to tonight’s episode)
  • Ted Lasso (Apple + – Do not sleep on this show. It has been the purest, most joyful show I’ve watched in a long time.)
  • The Vow (HBO- I am an episode behind but hope to catch up this week)
  • Married At First Sight (Lifetime- caught up)
  • Chicago Med (Prime- I needed a medical drama in my life and this one fits the bill.)
  • Transplant (NBC- I watched the first 2 episodes. I think this show is Canadian. It’s a fine show; good not great.)
  • The Great Pottery Show Down (HBO- it’s basically GBBO but with pottery. And now I want to learn how to be a potter)
September 20, 2020
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  • Reply Jackie

    Listed ur 2 book recommendations on my email library list. Will share w others looking for goodreads. Peg has joined reading group so she gets to make a recommendation.

    September 21, 2020 at 11:59 am
  • Reply Mama

    Have I heard or read The lions of Fifth Fiona Davis?? Comes recommended n suppose to be origins of NYC library.

    September 25, 2020 at 9:55 am
  • Reply Pam Kocke

    Ugh wait I have to pay for apple+ for ted lasso? i want to watch it with the boys but not pay for yet another service.

    September 28, 2020 at 10:10 am
    • Reply meganblog

      Have you purchased an apple device in the last year? If so, you get a year free!

      September 28, 2020 at 10:19 am

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