Books and TV the Month of October

Halloween ready


Started reading The Alienist by Caleb Carr. I haven’t really had the bandwidth as well as the mental energy to read much.


  • Lovecraft Country (HBO- finished the series. Highly recommend.)
  • Great British Bake Off (Netflix- once I got past the first 2 or so episodes, I’ve started to enjoy this more.)
  • The Undoing (HBO- the first episode was good. I wish the show was more diverse. But it has promise.)
  • The Haunting of Bly Manner (Netflix- I had so much hope for this. And I hate it. I can’t even finish it because it’s so tedious and boring. This is coming from the person who has hated watched many shows. I am not a fan.)
  • On The Rocks (Apple+ – This is the new Sofia Coppola movie with Bill Murray. It was a fun watch. Recommend as an easy way to pass some time.)
  • Helstrom (Hulu- I watched the first episode and I enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be watching more.)
  • Greys Anatomy- This is going to need some more explanation. See, I like to have background noise when working. And I like medical dramas. After a lot of pushback, I was finally convinced to watch Greys. And I hate this show. It’s awful. It’s plotlines are contrived and unbelievable on so many levels. But there are 16 seasons of it. And I don’t need to actually pay attention while it’s on to know what happens. So here I am, 10 seasons into Greys (I started at s4) and loathing my decision to start this show yet somehow I can’t quit it.

I think I might have also watched a bunch of episodes of some Halloween baking competition. It was fine and entertaining and required minimal investment from me. And I tried watching a Christmas movie but it was just so awful I had to shut it off. As always, send me recommendations.

October 27, 2020
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