Books and TV the Week of September 28ish

Lucky loves to jump and fetch the ball. It’s quite entertaining.


None this week. I didn’t read at all. Unless you count endless Twitter memes.


  • Lovecraft Country (HBO- really enjoying this show.)
  • Ted Lasso (Apple + – Season Finale. It had all the feels.)
  • Married At First Sight (Lifetime- caught up)
  • Chicago Med (Prime- I finished 5 seasons of this. I hated it and didn’t hate it all at once. It was so incredibly predictable and maybe I found that aspect comforting. Who knows.)
  • Great British Bake Off (Netflix- not a fan of this season. I really hate the showstopper challenges as they are just over the top ridiculous. I couldn’t even finish episode 2 because I didn’t care about a biscuit display. Why can’t they just go back to making fancy biscuit displays instead of like a whole 3 dimensional gingerbread scene with biscuits? And the first challenge with the head cakes. WTF was that even? Why?)
  • Emily in Paris (Netflix- binged the whole season and really enjoyed it. It was entertaining and silly enough to keep me watching. 8/10 would recommend. Looking forward to the next season.)
  • Presidential Debate (I wasn’t going to watch and then I got sucked in. And then I regretted my decision to watch it because it only made me more depressed/anxious about the upcoming elections.)
October 6, 2020
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