Books and TV- Mid-December Edition

A quick update to my last post- I wrote down that I watched 317 episodes of Greys. That number was inaccurate. It was more like 367? Anyway the number is closer to 400 than 300. Which is what it is.


Still reading Dune. I did just download a book by Lisa Jewell that will be a fluff read. It’s called Invisible Girl. I have enjoyed her past books so I am sure this will be a quick read.


Since finishing Grey’s I haven’t gotten much into anything else but have been watching a bunch of random things. I haven’t been able to watch a holiday movie a day as I wanted but that is just life. I have a few saved so Ill get around to them soon.

  • Grey’s Anatomy- caught up to current episode. Glad to see Tom Koracick isn’t going to die.
  • Nurses- (NBC via HULU) This is a new show that has the feel of Grey’s or at least it aims to be another Grey’s. Only one episode is out so far and it was fine. I will keep watching it.
  • Golden Girls- (HULU) This has been a nice show to have on in the background as ambient noise.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine- (HULU) I forgot how much I love this show and decided to watch it again. Does not disappoint.
  • Black Narcissus- (FX on HULU) This is one of those limited series. There are only 3 episodes so it’s basically a movie which is funny because I am 95% sure I’ve seen the movie from 1947 on one of my TCM binges years ago. This isn’t bad. I do want to read the book. I am intrigued. The scenery is beautiful and the story is interesting.
  • Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults- (HBO Max) I listened to a podcast about Heaven’s Gate a few years ago so feel pretty well versed on this topic. The documentary seems to follow with the podcast. If you don’t know much about Heaven’s Gate, I recommend. There is a lot of explanation about the time period when they recruited heavily and the people they attracted. I only watched 1 episode and probably won’t watch more but I do recommend it.
  • 12 Dates of Christmas- (HBO Max) Reality show from the Love is Blind producers about 3 singles interviewing dates for a potential one to bring home for the holidays. It’s ok. Lots of built in drama. I don’t hate it but also don’t have a desire to finish the remaining 4 episodes. But I was glad to see the producers brought back the gold goblets that starred in Love is Blind.
  • How To with John Wilson- (HBO Max) I watched 2 episodes of this and really enjoyed it. John Wilson is really great at talking about odd topics and making it relatable but also funny/sad.
  • The Queen’s Gambit- (Netflix) Finished this and loved it. Lives up to the hype.
  • Godless- (Netflix) I loved The Queen’s Gambit so much that I decided to watch this show by the same creator, Scott Frank. I am on episode 4. The show is a western focused on a town that lost all their men. Add in an outlaw, a man hiding from the outlaw and you’ve got yourself a show. The cast is stellar. I hated Nurse Jackie but I loved Merritt Wever so much in it that I will watch anything she is in now. And she does not disappoint in this series.
  • Community- (Netflix) I’ve watched this series so many times and I still find it hilarious. If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor and turn it on. One day I will do a best of series with episodes I love best from my most watched shows.


I watch movies. Sometimes. Not often. I have no idea why. But Apple+ released a new animated movie the other day and I am obsessed. The movie is called WolfWalkers. The setting is Scotland. It’s about a girl and her father who move to Scotland from England to work. The father is supposed to be hunting wolves. The daughter ends up befriending a girl who is a wolf; a wolfwalker. It’s a good versus evil story with beautiful drawings and a great soundtrack. Wolfwalkers is the movie is a while that entertained the kids and myself for the full hour and a half. The kids liked it so much they watched it twice. Anyway, watch it.

December 14, 2020
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